Pick the Right Indian Outfits for the Upcoming Wedding Season

Are wedding bells ringing already? You might be thrilled when you receive wedding invitations, and why not? After all, Indian weddings are among the most enjoyable and exciting ceremonies to attend! 

As a wedding guest, the excitement of attending the ceremony and the pre-and post-wedding events can instantly brighten you up. But regardless of whether it's your cousin's wedding, your best friend's wedding or a colleague's, the question always leaves you puzzled: What should I wear to the weddings?

The Ideal Outfit For Indian Weddings

The desire to look your best during numerous wedding rituals is common, and the only option is to dress appropriately for the occasion and function. When looking for the ideal clothing, keep an eye out for trends that complement your sense of style.

If you are struggling to discover inspiration for choosing the ideal Indian dresses for a wedding, we have curated a list of the best attire options.

If you enjoy fusion style, getting dressed up for a wedding will be just up your alley. Being airy and lightweight, flared maxi skirts with traditional accents like zari weaves or embroidery are ideal for Indian functions. Combine the skirt with a crop top or shirt with a desi touch.

Selecting a lehenga skirt and blouse set with mirror work or tribal motifs may give this style a bohemian edge — Accessorize with appropriate but big earrings.

Get a simple blouse and a light lehenga choli online designed for yourself. Put on a sheer cape with decorations solely on the borders in place of the dupatta. Even though such a sheer cape is lightweight, it will give you a very sophisticated and unique appearance. Thanks to this attire, you won't have to deal with the hassle of carrying a dupatta.

You can choose a Banarasi lehenga because it's both classic and modern.

The most comfortable Indian clothing is probably the salwar kurta or straight cut suits. However, add some heavy embroidery with a dupatta to prevent appearing overly simple in a salwar suit at a wedding. Use a lighter dupatta if the suit is heavier, and vice versa.

Choose a bottom with a dhoti-style hem, a Patiala, or a sharara. These bottoms will immediately elevate their appearance. When choosing your clothing, go for a unique fabric like tussar or raw silk to feel comfortable and stand out.

As the bottom-wear is the major focus of this outfit, you could wear a dupatta or not.

To be ready for an Indian wedding, close your eyes and buy an ethnic gown. Gowns are comfortable for moving around in.

But be careful when selecting the fabric. Such gowns look fantastic in silk and chiffon but stay away from anything with brocade, velvet, or embellishments. Choose a classy hairstyle, some gorgeous stone or pearl jewellery, and a purse with embellishments. At the wedding reception, you'll be classier for sure!

The floor-length Anarkali dress is your best option if you want to wear a gown but also incorporate more traditional aspects into your outfit.

Anarkali dresses have a wide A-line cut but aren't unduly flared, saving you the hassle of carrying around a flared gown. Additionally, the Anarkali dress will only contain embellishments on the yoke and border, and it won't be that heavy, either.

You can buy anarkali suits online and along with it wear Jarao jewellery to reflect your charming personality.

  • Lehenga Saree

Lehenga Saree is a fusion of lehenga and saree. Although completely distinct, the fondness for a lehenga saree has increased.

It's a lovely fusion of a lehenga's flares and a saree's pallu. Wear it with a full-sleeved or half-sleeved blouse. This is one of the most beautiful Indian wedding dresses you can wear to the ceremony or reception.

You did read that correctly. As long as you avoid wearing one that is overly decorated, sarees are the ideal clothing choice for Indian weddings. To look royal, go for a silk saree.

For a more traditional appearance, you might alternatively choose a chiffon saree with elegant embroidery only on the borders and pallu. For a classy look, wear it with diamond jewellery.

Another is a handcrafted silk saree. Accessorise with substantial silver jewellery to achieve the current "in-trend" boho aesthetic.

You can check out a variety of sarees, such as a Banarasi silk saree or a Kanjivaram saree, but be careful not to over-accessorize because it would take away from the elegance of the saree.

Saree represents not only Indian traditional wear but also looks classy, elegant and chic.

With so many rituals and traditions, Indian weddings are extraordinary. It is essential to pick a dress that reflects your sense of style while still fitting the occasion, the crowd, and the traditions. Above all, dress comfortably because you will be on your feet a lot while attending these events! So be trendy, be classy and be comfortable this wedding season!

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