Designer Saris to Look Slim & Tall without Heels!

Designer Saris have one sole motto when women pick them for their look-of-the-day – “I want to look slim and tall” but most of the time end up with a disappointing feeling. This is generally a product of thought by women who are short in height. And, it is nowhere stated that you should walk in heels all day long to grace those Designer Outfits. So, what would you do if you have bought a ravishing Designer Saris & it is your next outfit for the occasion? Let’s traverse through some quick tips which will definitely help you out.

Designer Saris Styling Tips for Slim, Tall & Timeless Looks

Have a glance at how Designer Saris can be used to look slimmer, taller and create timeless appearances with it…

Pleat it Perfectly

Saree draping is the key to create party-perfect looks and you win half of the battle there. The first thing you need to do is to decide on the draping style you will try next and then watch out the tutorials on different ways you can get it draped perfectly. Remember that you only need to pleat it well and let your pallu be loose and playful. Crisp pleats will frame you better and will make you look taller.

Lighter Fabrics

Stiff fabrics like cotton and organza do not set naturally around your body but form a bulk. This is not a smart choice when you want to look slim. So, get a bit conscious with your fabric choice and go for lighter and flowy fabrics like silk, Georgette, satin, crepe, and similar ones which are lighter and airy and grips your body line well.

The Darker, the Bolder

The color choice can make or break your entire look. If looking slim and tall is all you want then not just for Designer Sarees, go for any dark-colored Indian Traditional Clothing & you’ll see the results. Also, it gives you a chance to flaunt and highlight your accessories in the best way.

Thin Borders

The Richness of borders is the beauty of Saris. Stick to sleek borders as wider ones will make your frame look broad. Subtle borders will draw your desired attention in a flattering way.

Go Picky with Sleeves

This is an important thing to remember every time you go for Designer Saris Online Shopping or roam around jiffy: Sleeves make for an attention-grabbing element. Three-fourth to full churidar sleeve blouses lend an air of elegance to your look. Longer sleeves create an illusion of slimmer hands and taller frames indirectly. Just looking at the tips won’t work unless you do! Grab the best range of Designer Saris Online in Houston now with Palkhi Fashion!

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