Chaniya Choli Collection - The most convenient Indian Outfit during Navratri

Chaniya Choli basically known as Ghaghra Choli is one of the most ancient dress for Indians. It is one of the most convenient dress for women particularly for occasions such as Garba, Wedding and even parties. With the passage of time, people began to have a fusion of this Gujarati Fashion and Culture with Modern Style. And this is what made it stand out uniquely.  Let's know a few things about the creation of such a nice clothing design.

What is it comprise of?

Designer Chaniya Choli is a three-piece attire comprising the Lehenga or Ghaghra, Blouse, and Dupatta (a specially designed cloth like Stoll) worn by Indian women across India. 

What are the materials used for making of The Chaniya Choli?

Chaniya Choli can be made from a variety of fabrics.  Brocade, and so on.  The fundamental fabric is not enough for parties and festivals. Additional decoration is arranged on the basic fabric using embroidery, Zari, Zardosi, Nakshi, Kundan, and so on. You may visit our Chaniya Choli collection for such relishes and self-designed chaniya choli HERE.


When can you wear Chaniya Choli?

Chaniya choli is being wore in states like Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, etc. The making has a difference according to the culture of the states of India. This attire is completely suitable for all festivals and occasions with some or more customization. 

Chaniya Choli is the dress code for the festival of dandiya known as Navratri. This festival has chaniya choli for Navratri. Cotton material is used as a base. In addition to this specific handwork, craftwork, and decoration are applied to the cloth. There are few fans of the festival who manages to have designers design a creative and unique chaniya choli for Garba

Weddings are not enjoyed without a classy Chaniya Choli. A decade ago, girls were wearing Lehenga and panetar in their marriage but nowadays the trend has been changed. Girls are demanding the fusion of Chaniya Choli with the Classic look of Panetar or Royal sari. Special Designer Chaniya choli is preferred by the Gujrati bride. 

In Gujarat and Rajasthan, almost all occasions are celebrated with specifically designed chaniya choli.

What is the global existence of This Indian Wear?

Thousands of people are moving to foreign countries every year and this makes an immense presence of Gujarati people over the whole world. The USA is among one of the most chosen countries.¬† The fame and interests of people in overseas countries led the maker to deliver these creative designs at global levels. Designer chaniya choli collection of 2021 is exclusively designed as per the trend and modern look. One can get it online chaniya choli in the USA from the following link:

Palkhi Fashion is the pioneer in the domain of making Chaniya Choli in Houston, USA. We have an in-house team for designing and making. Expert team members and innovative buyers have always been a source of motivation for us to craft something unique.

Keep on reading the blog to get the updates about the latest designs of chaniya choli and other dresses. Get the benefit of online delivery in the USA and let us know your experience and suggestions on <<>> or you may contact us for any kind of quotes or suggestions.

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